021 Moms best dayAmong all people on earth, if there is one of them whom we expect to never fail to love us until the end, it is our mom. And it is the truth; our mom will always love us no matter what. No matter how much we try to hate her, admit it, we still love her at the same time; no matter how much we get annoyed at all her long boring speeches, sermons, and most especially her reprimands, we all know it is for the best. Generally speaking, moms would always worry about us, care about us, love us, 24/7, and would even sometimes be our number-one fan, watching us shine. She is the person who will always be there for us no matter how far we are from them.

Mommies, they carried us in their womb for nine months, took care of us until we are old enough to think for ourselves, still taking care of us even if we are old enough to take care of ourselves, and what can we do for her in her best day? It is mother’s day and it is that one day when we could just at least take a break for what we are doing and sacrifice our day to spend with our mom. Here are some ideas to help you make your mommy the happiest one on mother’s day.


Breakfast treat

What is better than waking up in the morning with a breakfast ready for you to eat? For the person whose job in the morning ever since you were little includes serving breakfast in the table for you to eat, why not make her special by making one for her too? Make her feel special by taking care of her the same way she did.


Pamper her with a visit to the salon/spa

It is mommy’s day, treat her to the salon and make her feel pampered and taken care of. Make her feel relax with a massage, make her feel beautiful with a manicure and pedicure, make her feel brand new with a new haircut, and most especially, make her feel that she deserves all the special treatment for all the sacrifices she had made for the family.


Make her feel special by giving her presents

Giving gifts to mommy does not necessarily mean that is has to be expensive and big. It can be simple and small too, you know. What counts are the thought and the effort you have made to give mommy a gift and make her feel special and thought of. Buy her roses if she love roses, buy her jewelleries if she likes wearing one, buy her something that she likes most. However, despite the material things that you can give and buy for her, one of the greatest gifts you can give her is your time.

106 Motherly Advice How To Give Advice Without OffendingBetween the two parents, the mothers are the ones who mostly give advice to their kids when they have problems since they are the one who are always there since the fathers are normally the one who are working. They say that nothing can be compared to a mother’s love. Motherhood they say is the greatest and noblest job on earth. Now, if there is an advice that comes with so much love and care, that would be the mother’s advice. In our daily lives as we grow old, we usually hear a never ending motherly advice from our mothers. But not all the time we may agree to their advices and we get offended by it especially if we are on the age of adolescence. That is the stage where we think we are always right and that we don’t listen to the counsel and advices of our parents. We would normally disobey them and rebel against them. However, the sincerity of the motherly advice depends on how it is delivered. There are mothers are insensitive that they are not aware that they are already offending their children with their advices. Now, as a mother, how can you give advice to your children without offending them?

Let me share to you my personal experience with my mother because for the record, I was never offended with the advices that my mother has told me. Instead, I felt more loved and cared to by my mother. To be offended is a choice. Do you want to know how my mother would advice us without offending us? Simple, in case that we made mistakes, she will never embarrass us in front of other people. But instead, he will call us and bring us inside the room and will talk to us in a low tone of voice. Before she will scold us, she will ask what happened and what made us do it. if she finds out that it’s our fault, that’s the time that she will scold us and advice us with the things that we should and should not do.

If you ask me, I would prefer an advice where you talk about it privately. The advices of your mother are for your own good. In case there are some disagreement between your ideas, try to open it up and talk about and try to meet half ways. No mother wants something bad for her children. They always want what’s best for their children.

061 Preparing for PregnancyBeing a first time mom is a more difficult responsibility than you think. There is definitely more to it than having a cute and adorable baby to take care of. Preparing for pregnancy should be a serious matter as it affects both the welfare of you and your baby. However, pregnancy is just the beginning. Making the baby is easy, everything else after that is the difficult part. As soon as you have settled down and you think you are ready for motherhood, here are some things that you have to consider.


The first thing you have to do is to make sure that your body is in good condition. Your overall health should be an important criterion. See to it that you see your gynecologist for a pap smear. Get a medical examination. You should also check on your weight. If your weight is a little over the average, it is the time to cut down on those calories and lose some weight. Studies have shown that obese women have tendencies to give birth to babies with birth defects. It is then necessary that you eat healthier foods, cut down your medications if not necessary, and exercise regularly.


Aside from obtaining a physically fit body, you have to relieve yourself of stress before your planned pregnancy. A key to a healthy baby is a stress free pregnancy. Yoga is a good exercise to engage in. It helps you free your mind through meditation and can also improve your body. It is advisable for families who are preparing for pregnancy to have stability. The wannabe parents should ideally have stable jobs, a stable home, and most of all, a stable relationship. Taking care of a baby and eventually raising a child in an unstable environment will affect your child’s growth and health. The parents should be stable emotionally and mentally. They should be ready for the new challenges that they will have to face that will come along with their child.


The thought of a life form inside of a woman may bring mixed emotions. This could bring about joy or excitement, but it may also cause anxiety and uncertainty. If you are not ready for this yet, take responsibility and makes sure to use protection. Pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most amazing wonders of life. If these events finally come to you, you should embrace them and love every single moment.

As cute and amazing kids may be, they can ask a lot of questions in a day. Children ask a lot of questions that may surprise many parents. Their curiosity will lead to interrogations you have never imagined answering. Worse is, your kids may not stop asking you until you give them an answer. So, how do you answer your kids’ questions? Here is a list of top questions asked by children and solutions in dealing with hard questions as a mother.

015 dealing with hard questions as a mother

Who Is God?

It is difficult to answer your children’s questions when you yourself are not sure with your answer. In dealing with hard questions as a mother, you could start by reading bible stories to your children. That way, they could understand who God is. Some parents answer that God is a superhero or a magical being. The best way to answer is to give simple and short answers about God.


Where Do We Go When We Die?

You could answer this question by telling your kids about heaven and hell. If you do good deeds in your life, then you go to heaven. If you become a bad person, then you go to hell. Other parents opt to tell their children that the dead people stay six feet below the ground. Others even add that the dead turns into angels.


What Is This, Mom? (Referring To Private Parts)

As a mother, you often get confused on how to call your child’s private parts. Should you call it a China, a Wiener, a Bird, or a Wee-wee? It is best to teach your child the right names of their private parts. Educating your children the right way about their body organs saves them from embarrassment when talking to other people. It is completely fine to be honest to your children.


Where Do Babies Come From?

Parents can often tell silly answers to mind boggling queries from their children. Some may say that babies come from a stork. The best answer in dealing with hard questions as a mother would be to tell them that babies came from their mother’s tummy. For nine months, the baby grows inside their mom’s tummy and goes out of her private part. You do not need to be too detailed about sex.

It is important that you take your child’s questions seriously. Do not lie about the answers. Give your child simple but not too detailed answers – just enough information that your child can absorb and is appropriate for his or her age.

077 struggles as a momBased on studies and surveys, the hardest job in the world is “motherhood.” As a mother you will have struggles and hardship with financial, with your kids, with your life, and etc. But the concern is, you don’t get paid to be a mom. All you get from being a mom is the feeling of satisfaction the way you raise your kids, life’s comfort, and feeling of fulfillment. But in general, being a mom is not easy. Even fathers won’t be able to comprehend how moms do their job and still feel happy and satisfied at the end of the day. Now, you might be wondering what the most common struggles as a mom. There are actually many to mention when it comes to struggles because each of us has different situation in life, different needs, and different goals and perspective in life.


If Your Are A Single Mom

One of the most common reasons why many moms struggle as a mom is because they raise their kids alone, or they are single parent. Could you imagine how they would raise their children? It’s not easy to stand as both mother and father at the same time for your children. It’s also not easy to see your kids struggling and looking for father’s love and care. As a mom, it’s your job to make your kids understand and accept your situation. If a mom fail to do that, their kids end up rebelling against them and blaming them for what happened to their family. You will be working to provide the needs of your children.


If Your Are Financially Unstable

Another struggle of many moms is being financially unstable. Moms are the ones who do the budgeting at home. They would budget the money for food, bills, tuition fee, and other needs. There will be no problem is the budget is enough or more, but if the budget is insufficient, that’s where the problem comes in. If you think that it’s easy to budget an insufficient fund, try it yourself.


If You Are Unhealthy

One more would be the health. Mom needs to ensure their health. If they are unhealthy, their kids will suffer because no one will take care of them. So, always keep yourself healthy.


If Your Have Special Child

Another challenging situation and is very common nowadays is having a special child. Special children need special attention and time. There are parents who need to give up their work and career just to give their full time to their special children. I’ve seen that from my auntie. She gave up 3 years of her career just to be there for her special child.

Struggles as a mom is normal, not only moms have struggles in life but all of us. Struggles are there to teach us life lessons and make us strong.

076 Building a relationship with your childrenHave you recently felt any disconnection with your children because of certain reasons? Have you ever talked to them lately? Do they have any problems that you don’t know of? Have they opened up some issues and do you have some time to sit on the dining table and actually discuss it with them? Do you want your relationship to be deeper than the usual?

A relationship is something that we build with each other whether it is by marriage, by emotions or feelings, by friendship or by blood. A parent-child relationship is somehow related to all of the types of relationship to build a stronger connection and bond. Building a relationship with your children is somehow difficult for some parents. Some parents are having a hard time to deal with their children especially when their children has not been raised properly and especially when they have a gap between their children. So what exactly do you have to do if you have this kind of situation between your children?

One of the common problems that parents encounter is the way or how they approach to their children. Some parents treat their children as dogs or pets in their house which make their children hold a grunge over them. So ask yourself, do I control them too much? Is this the way I should be treating them? Is this the way that I should approach to them? Children needs affection from their parents therefore, one of the ways to get attached to them easily is to approach or to talk to them with a little bit of affection. Instead of calling them with their first names, why don’t you try to call them “honey” or “sweetie”? In that way, they can also answer you in a nice way.

Of course it is given that children need your attention and time. Have you ever tried to grab them and take them to the park? Have you ever asked them to go out and watch a movie together? It’s one of the simplest and sweetest things that can help you in building a relationship with your children. Spend your quality time with your family to build a stronger connection with them especially with your kids.

This is for moms who have just given birth and have issues with regards to their weight and size. For most women who get pregnant, it’s normal for them to gain weight. But it’s not normal if after they gave birth they don’t go back to their normal weight and size. That’s why for pregnant women who just gave birth, for them to bring back their old weight and size, they need to exercise and diet. There are actually different types of mom diets that moms can do. It’s obvious that pregnant women need to eat more because she needs to get enough nutrients for her and the baby. That’s why it’s the food that caused her weight gain, but since the baby is already out, she can always go back to her old healthy diet to bring back her sexy body.

051 Mom diets

For mom diets, you can start eating more fruits and vegetables. You can also start cooking your own healthy recipes and you can even try new recipes. You can search these recipes online for free. You can eat more of high fiber food, less-carbo, low-calorie, and low cholesterol. You need to avoid fatty food, oily food, and takeouts. For your diet, you can also start taking weight loss supplements or food supplements to sustain the supply of nutrients that your body needs. To enhance your diet program, try accompanying it with exercise for better fat-burning process. You can start going for a jog or run. Jogging and running are very effective cardio exercise and fat-burner. Exercise will also enhance the effects of supplements.

I’ve seen moms after they give birth and have issues with their weight and size and have done the process mentioned above have achieved their goals by getting their normal weight and size back again. If you exert some effort, you will be able to see a positive outcome. But the most important thing is you need to improve your diet if you want to have your sexy back again. This may not be easy, it will be frustrating, disappointing, and exhausting but it will all be worth it once you see the result you want. To keep track of your progress, you can keep a record of your size and weight. Like before you start your diet and exercise program, try to weigh yourself and also get your waistline. That would serve as your basis and from then on, you can start tracking your weight and waistline on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, it will depend on you.

122 being a wifeIf there is one thing that can be overwhelming to women, that is to be a wife. Being a wife requires huge responsibilities. It may require you to give up things that you love to do like partying, hanging-out with friends, and shopping. One reason is that your priorities have change. But it’s sad to know that there are so many cases of divorcements in different parts of the world especially in United States. There are so many reasons why couples have decided to end up their marriage, but one thing that top the most is the reason for not being a good wife or husband towards each other. There are things that couples may not agree about and they end up arguing and fighting. Indifferences may be good if it’s taken positively by couples and willing to compromise with each other, but if on party is not willing to compromise, that’s where the problems starts. Now, if you want to be sure that you will be a good wife, here are the things that you need to be sure that you do for yourself and for your husband.


Take Care Of Yourself

This is the very first thing that wives should do especially after they gave birth. When you get pregnant mostly you gain lots of weights and most mothers don’t care anymore about their figure and health. Try to think of the things why your husband noticed in the first place? Maybe you have that great looks and great body. So, if you want your husband to still have that impression, try to maintain your great figure. it doesn’t mean that you already have children you will just pay no attention to your body. In fact, you should give more attention to your body after giving birth. You need to burn those stored fats and bring back that great body your husband love.


Give Your Husband “Guy Time”

Next, you need to be a little lax to your husband when it comes to his personal time. Try to give your husband his “guy time” where he can hang out to his friends and do things that a normal guy does like sports.


Learn How To Cook

One more, you need to know how to cook. Your husband will appreciate you more if you are the one who is cooking his food. If you don’t know how to cook then learn it. Surprise your husband!

Aside from this, there are more essential traits that women should have to be a good wife to their husband.

What are the best preparations for moms’ best day? Mothers know what’s best for us. That is why, during their best day, we should treat them like queens. They need to feel that they deserve all the best in the world. Are there moms in your life that you like to treat but can’t think of great ideas? You want something personal or creative aside from bouquet of roses or prepared dinner? Here are unique treats.

021 Moms best day

A relaxing massage or spa can be really appreciated. Moms are among the busiest persons ever lived. They don’t just perform simple jobs. They do the most complicated jobs\ everyday and that is to raise good children. Not all mothers prefer to stay at home. Some need to work to sustain the needs of their families especially single-moms. They used to wake up early in the morning, cook breakfast, wash dishes, do the laundry, have the children ready for schools, and even drive their kids to school. So, will they deserve a good massage or spa during their best day? Give your mom a treat. A soothing massage can pamper her much plus a total makeover.

Cleaning her room can be a big surprise. Your mom is the one getting all clutters in your room? How often she does it? Is she’s always cleaning up not just your closet but everything in your room, do it for her. Clean not just your space but hers too. You can do it right after she left for a massage or after she sleeps at night. Do it right.

Serve her delicious breakfast to start her Mother’s Day. Wake up early in the morning, get your recipe book and start preparing. Be sure she likes it. Target those breakfast foods she loves. Be sure you cook with love. Make the perfect drink that will satisfy her. For an added touch, bring her breakfast in bed. Serve her really on that day. Smile all out while you serve your queen.

Make a letter telling how grateful you are to have such a mom like her. This is more personal, creative and unique. Not all sons and daughters show or tell their moms how much they love them. If you are not showy, swallow your pride this time. Don’t be shy. Make a letter for her on her best day. It will be special.

See? Those are unique things one can do for moms’ best day. They’re simple, right? But, they’re amongst the sweetest things to do.

When you bring your new baby home it is the most wonderful feeling in the world to have. This little creature that depends on you for everything makes you fall in love with him or her more every day.

In the first months you have your new baby home you will have lots of family over to visit and help with the new baby. It is a wonderful time. You may enjoy the late night feeding that you get to experience with your new baby.

You both are getting to know each other very well. Time moves on and soon your baby is cooing and then sitting up. You won’t believe how fast time flies as your baby grows. All of these things seem to be worth the struggles as a mom that you go through.
Motherhood is a full time job that lasts for the rest of your life. You will experience the joy of watching your baby’s first steps, their first day of kindergarten, and then before you know it you will see them graduating to the first grade.

Being a mother is a rewarding experience that lasts a life time. No matter how old your children get, you will always be their Mom.

As they grow up and begin to start their own independent lives you may feel a little sad at times. You might miss the days when you wrapped them up in a blanket after bath time, or putting them to bed at night. These times can be trying and exhausting, but when you look back you will remember all of the sweet moments your child has given you over the years.

Be sure to take a lot of pictures as they grow, you will enjoy looking back on them as they grew up. You will love sharing pictures and the stories you can tell about the day you took those pictures.

Although parents love to offer advice, most children do not realize how valuable that advice is until they are adults themselves. Most mothers have plenty of terrific advice to offer. Here are some of the best pieces of motherly advice that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Do Not Grow Up Too Fast

Most teenagers cannot wait to grow up and become adults so they can make their own decisions. Mothers often tell their teen children to enjoy every minute of their youth. Mothers realize that there is nothing to gain by growing up too fast but there is plenty to lose.

Do not Lend Money to the Ones You Love

One great piece of financial advice that mothers often give their kids is never lend money to family members or friends. Nothing can ruin a great relationship as fast as a financial disagreement. If a person wants to give money as a gift that is fine, but do not expect to get the money back. Borrowing money from family and friends is also risky business. It is better to borrow from a financial institution rather than loved ones.

Get Plenty of Rest and Eat Your Chicken Soup

When it comes to health and wellness mothers have plenty of fantastic advice to offer. Most moms tell their sick children to get plenty of rest, take their medicine and eat some chicken soup. According to recent studies, chicken soup has many health benefits for people suffering from a cold.  Combined with recent developments from sites like hcg1234 you can beat most anything. The comforting soup thins mucus and works as an anti-inflammatory so it looks like mothers really do know what is best for their kids.

Best Motherly Advice

Some of the best advice that mothers give their children is related to self-esteem. Mothers tell their children to be themselves, to hold their head up high and to remember that it is what’s on the inside that counts. This may be the most important advice a child ever receives.

Once you have children, they are old enough to talk, and become inquisitive then you will have to start dealing with hard questions as a mother.

As a mother you will probably bear the brunt of these questions that can range from those which are simply too complicated such as how gravity works, to those that are just emotionally difficult such as why a pet died.

When dealing with hard questions as a mother, you have a number of options. You can ignore them, lie, or tell the truth.

Ignoring questions will sometimes make them go away. The good things about pre-schoolers is that they can be easily distracted so, at this age, if you ignore a question the chances are that they will get sidetracked by something else and forget they ever asked.

Lying to your child can be tempting, especially when you are busy and they are asking questions to which you do not really know the answer. Sometimes lying can be fun and children may even find your answers amusing, but be wary of lying about important topics. For example, if you lie to your child and tell them a favorite pet has gone to sleep for a long time, rather than has died this could cause problems with your child’s own sleeping because they worry about whether they will wake up again.

The best thing to do, is simply to tell the truth. Answer the questions as best you can in a way your child will understand and remember to tailor the explanation to your child’s age and ability. If you do not know the answer, then admit this to your child and work with them to find the answer for example, by researching on the internet.

Dealing with hard questions as a mother is inevitable, but it does not have to be difficult.

Before becoming pregnant a woman must be aware that there are certain steps she should take before becoming pregnant.

When preparing for pregnancy a woman must make sure that she is physically ready. That means twelve months before trying for a baby a woman must actively be preparing her body to be at its healthiest. One way a woman can prepare for pregnancy is by making sure her daily diet is free of greasy, non-nutritional, salty and sugary foods. Instead of greasy, non-nutritional, salty and sugary foods incorporate more fruits, vegetables, lean turkey and chicken into your daily diet. If your lifestyle includes smoking and drinking alcohol, you will want to cease these activities as soon as you know you want to try for a baby. By not smoking and drinking alcohol you are ensuring that you and your baby will be healthy throughout the pregnancy and decrease your unborn baby’s chances of being born with birth defects.

It is important that you are at a healthy body weight when attempting to get pregnant. Having a healthy body weight increases your chances of getting pregnant and will reduce your chances of developing gestational diabetes while pregnant.

Another way to prepare for pregnancy is by taking a prenatal vitamin before pregnancy. Taking a prenatal vitamin that includes essential B vitamins, such as folic acid, will help decrease your baby’s chances of being born with birth defects.

If you are taking birth control pills, you should discontinue use at least four months before trying to conceive, that way your uterus will be able to create a thicker endometrial lining which will make it easier for an embryo to implant itself and thrive.

Deciding to get pregnant is a big life decision. Preparing for pregnancy will make your journey into parenthood a little easier.